History of MSB

Marion State Bank takes great pride in being the only bank based in Union Parish. Chartered on February 7, 1907, MSB was founded for the purpose of doing a general banking business under the laws of the State of Louisiana.  Original stockholders were J.H. Roark, L.W. Landers, B.B. Thomas, O.H. Thompson, L.G. Everett, H.M. Lee, J.D. Crow, E.T. Powell, J.O. Hodnett, J.L. Hopkins, J.A. Dean, Dr. J.M. Wheelis, R.L. Edwards, T.A. Crow, T.J. Hill and J.M. Oliver.

Those serving as President of MSB are B.B. Thomas, J.A. Dean, O.H. Thompson, L.W. Landers, C.H. Gulley, E.T. Powell, H.D. Green, C.W. Sehon, George V. Sehon, and our current President, Scott G. Jones.

For over a century, MSB has been growing with the communities we serve. We live and work right alongside our customers. With $200,000,000 in total assets and over fifty employees, Marion State Bank continues to grow and thrive. We have been growing by helping others grow for more than 100 years!


Historic Photos

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